Mercè Mora

illustrator & designer


About Me

Mercè Mora with Goya Award

I grew up in the village of La Garriga near Barcelona, in the middle of green spaces that enriched my creativity and love for animals and nature. My artistic talent manifested in early childhood through drawing and other visual arts, that since has become a real passion for me.

After completing a Masters Degree in Fine Art at the University of Barcelona, I complemented my education in further training courses related to photography, sculpture and graphic design.

In my work I use various techniques according to the objective; water-colors, acrylic, gouache, airbrush, ink, pencil, wax and oil among others. I also use digital processes to carry out or complete my work. My style is always versatile, full of color combined with spontaneity and an acquired technique formed during the years of working. I always add a message to my creations which complements the aesthetic value.

I have worked in a wide variety of styles and my work has been published in countries all over the world.

In recent years I have been working in animation where my clients have included Estudio Mariscal, Muf Animation, Accio, Boolab, Locomotion, Cromosoma and others. I have also participated in animated adverts for NBA and Nike. Previously to this I worked in illustration for Disney, Fisher-Price, Egmont Books, Hachette, Horizont, Scholastics, Golden Books, Random House, Gaviota, Planeta and Disney Press (working for agencies like S.I. Artists and Comicon). I have also worked for other national and international publishing/design companies and my local government.

With my contributions to the film 'Chico & Rita' I have been lucky enough to be part of the team nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar) in 2012 and winner of a Goya award in 2011.

Furthermore I have been interviewed about my work on TV & in newspapers and if you click the following links you can view these interviews - Video Link 1  Video Link 2  Newspaper Link 1  Newspaper Link 2

I currently live in the Barcelona area and when I am not working I enjoy traveling, staying healthy and being in good company!

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Mercè :-)